Interwest mechanical Ltd. is committed to providing a safe work environment for all employees, the general public and property on our jobsites. We are proud of our acheivements and beleive we are leaders in job site safety.

Employees at every level. including management, are rsponsible for the companys' overall safety initiatives. Training and education are key components of our health and safety program.

The success of our program would not be possible without the committment and dedictaion of all our employees within Interwest mechanical Ltd.

Our safety program incorporates a site specific safety plan that addresses the respective hazards on our various jobsites. Employees are made aware of and participate in identifying all potential hazards prior to working on the site.

Interwest Mechanical is COR Certified through the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association, and is continually improving our safety program to ensure it meets industry standards and legislative requirements. Our ultimate goal is an injury and accident free workplace. We want to ensure that all our employees and subcontractors return safely to their loved ones at the end of each work day.

Every employee has the following right;

The right to know about the safety program and all potential hazards

The right to participate in the development and implementation of the safety program

The right to refuse unsafe work